Goodbye & Thank You


After serving as Merrill Dog Park Association’s (MPDA) Chair and Vice Chair for the past five years, Christine Maclean (aka Tinker) and Angela Matich (aka Molson) are stepping down from the board. We thank them for their hard work managing park initiatives and pushing for continual park improvements with the City. Some of their accomplishments include:

  • securing large rocks and benches for park sitting – 2 more rocks are coming in the next few weeks
  • the installation of a water tape to provide the dogs with much needed water
  • improved fencing by the ravine
  • getting more trees in the park
  • creating and running park festivals, clean-ups and education programs
  • managing the development and installation of the little library
  • facilitating clear park communications through park posters, Facebook page, a website/blog and MailChimp eblasts
  • ongoing communications with the City of Toronto Parks and Recreations, Metrolinx and Forestry and overall community

It is a job that is often done behind the scenes and our community directly receives the benefits. Again, thanks to the both of you for your past 5 years of volunteer work.

MPDA needs a new volunteer Chair and Vice Chair on our board. Without an active dog park association, we risk loosing our off-leash status. If you are interested in volunteering, please email before July 9th, 2015.

If MPDA receives more than one volunteer interested in the Chair and Vice Chair role, we will put it out to vote by the community the week of July 13th, 2015.

Chair & Vice Chair Roles
The Chair and Vice Chair work together to complete the following tasks each year:

  • Bi-monthly correspondence with the Toronto Parks and Recreation Department, Metrolinx and Forestry regarding MPDA issues
  • Minimum twice a year provide an excel spread sheet with park requests, timelines and list of actions to the Toronto Parks and Recreations
  • Manage on going MPDA correspondence and promotion through the following methods: 1. website/blog, 2. Facebook , 3. MailChimp newsletter and 4. posters in the park
  • Issue event notices to the Danforth East Community Association (DECA) to post on their blog
  • Create, print and install all MPDA posters in the park
  • Manage and run the following park programs: Spring/Fall park clean ups (includes registering the events with the City), Howel-o-ween Festival, East Lynn Farmers’ Market dog safety education program and MPDA table representation
  • Represent MPDA on the Friends of Merrill Bridge Road Park and Ravine which is part of the Toronto Park People

Hundreds of local area residents with dogs use this off-leash park daily. MPDA is excited to have new volunteers fill the board’s Chair and Vice Chair roles. Again, please email before July 9th, 2015 if you are interested in being our new Chair and Vice Chair.

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