Spring Cleaning April 18th @ 10 am



Saturday, April 18th @ 10 am
Rain Date: April 19th @ 10 am

Please join MPDA as we clean the dog park and adjacent ravine. Motivating refreshments will be supplied. Please bring bags, gloves, rakes etc.



The Little Library will be installed during the spring dog park clean up. Thanks to Chris O’Brian for building the library. If you want to lend a hand to help install it, please email merrilldogpark@gmail.com.




MPDA has received concerns from nearby park and ravine neighbours that their personal garbage and green bins are being filled with dog poop and they don’t own a dog. The issue is so bad that some neighbours have run out of space for their own waste. A few rude dog owners are taking it one step further and tying their bags of poop to neighbours’ fences, throwing them onto private property or even tossing them into the ravine.

Please be considerate to our park, adjacent ravine and local neighbours and pick-up after your pet. You can easily deposit your poop bags in the public park bins provided or take them home with you and use your own bins.

Although many of us use biodegradable plastic bags to collect our dog poop, they still take three to six months to decompose fully. No one wants to see piles of waste decomposing in our shared park and ravine spaces or on our neighbours property. Be kind and take care of your pet’s excrement. Thanks.



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