Merrill Park Dog Association (MPDA) was created by local area residents in 2008 to designate Merrill Bridge Road Park, located at the bottom of East Lynn St. and west of Aldergrove, as an official off-leash park in accordance to the City of Toronto Off-Leash Policy. The park was successfully designated in 2010.  The association works with the city to continue to improve the park amenities for local resident.

To join the MPDA download the application form Merrill Park Dog Owners Membership Form 2014 or email merrilldogpark@gmail.com.


2 Comments on “About”

  1. Nancy Webb says:

    Dear Merrill Park Directors:

    I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED. I loved to take my dog everyday to your park. Some idiot okay’d putting down shards of light coloured hard wood on the park. I don’t know why. the dogs are chewing and swallowing this wood. They are hard and they splinter. My dog threw up the next day three pieces of wood. One was over three inches long and the others bigger than a tooth pick. They were thin, hard and sharp at both ends. They could have gone down his gullet and punctured his intestines. There is a reason we don’t give our doges chicken bones. What you have done is laid down a whole carpet wood equivalent to chicken bones which is very dangerous to our pets. Unfortunately I cannot risk this happening to my dog again.

    I have spoken to at lease six other people who will not take their dogs to the park for the same reasons I won’t. I personally witnessed at least more than a half a dozen dogs chowing down on these wood chards. One was a three month old puppy. I warned his owner and am still hoping to this day that this little puppy did not damage himself.

    • Thank you for contacting MPDA about your wood chips concerns. We have notified The City Of Toronto Parks and Recreations in the past about the wood chip issues. Below is a direct email quote from Toronto Parks & Recreation to Merrill Park Dog Association…

      “We are using the same woodchips at Withrow, Carlaw Gerrard,Wildwood, Ramsdan, Thompson, Western Beaches, Coronation to name a few parks. At Withrow we have been using them for the past 20 years and Carlaw Gerrard for the past 5 years and have had no complaints from any of our dog owners. These woodchips are engineered woodchips that are used at playgrounds (and) are CSA approved for playgrounds. In terms of the winter… we have had over 20 winters where we have used hardwood chips and never have had any complaints from the chips hurting dogs paws.”

      MPDA is working to pull together a committee of volunteers to work on developing other solutions for ground cover options. The park requires ground cover because the dogs have torn up the grass, which has resulted in mud, erosion and ice issues. Unfortunately, any other materials options for ground cover require MPDA to fundraise to pay for them ourselves. Would you like to volunteer to be part of that committee to find other ground cover solutions?

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